London Art Fair Jan 21-26, 2020

As part of Vellum Projects presence at London Art Fair, they will be presenting works by Diana Wege, a painting from the artists project Earth Requiem and drawings from the series Where Are You.

The Earth Requiem painting is one of twelve depicting Frederick Church’s Niagara on the American Side which have been left out in the streets of New York City unprotected to metaphor our government’s neglect of the environment.

Whilst, the Where Are You drawings shown alongside the painting, combine imagery from the artist’s Earth Requiem paintings and her billboard prints Reject Violence. The message “where are youis interpreted across the front in several languages including Portuguese and Uzbek. It refers to the disappearance of our environment but was originally used in reference to Perry J Cohen a 14-year-old American boy who disappeared in 2015 at sea with a friend.


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