Sensory Heiress at Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan through Dec 3, 2023

Diana Wege, Marcy Brafman, and Jennifer Deppe Parker

Curated by Stephanie Young

Due to the horrific incidents in Israel and the war in Gaza the sixth Jerusalem Biennale has been postponed until Spring 2024. In support of Israel several of the planned biennale exhibitions staged either whole or part of their shows in various cities. “Sensory Heiress” was represented by three of the five artists at The JCC on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

“Sensory Heiress proposes to look at the metaphors found in Mother Nature and how it correlates to the power, resiliency, and legacy of women. This abbreviated version of the exhibition showcases three of the five artists from the original show. Jennifer Deppe Parker’s video ‘Blink’ subjects the viewer to the female gaze and how like the scenes of nature projected can conjure the power of healing, while Diana Wege’s two works ‘Where Are We’ and ‘Entangled Life’ speak to environmental action from a feminine perspective, and Marcy Brafman’s ‘Head of Winged Liberty’ is a literal interpretation of the strength found in women.” – Stephanie Young, Curator

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